Monday, 30 November 2015


Poster photo editing

The photograph on the left is the original image i liked the image because the main singer is raised slightly higher than the others to show his lead role in the band. The tree behind the band and the autumn leaves on the floor create a natural look i was aiming to achieve. However i felt the modern looking image didn't fit the genre of indie folk so i decided to photoshop it.

In photoshop the first thing i wanted to change was how modern the image looked, my solution was to add a vignette effect to create the feel of a vintage style photograph i felt this suited more as folk is an old music genre. My first vignette was simple and looked tacky and obviously fake, to solve this i covered the whole picture in a black box, faded it so the photo was visible and started rubbing and blurring out the black over important parts of the photo like people and the right images is the result.

Location scouting using google maps

Using google maps to search for rural looking locations close to me, i search for parks, woods meadows and explore natural open looking spaces to film.
I found a woods and a meadow a few miles from where i live, there public and easy to access which makes filming easier.
A closer look into the meadow shows this could be a prime location to consider for my indie folk music video, the location has wide open spaces lots of various tree lines to block out any houses that may appear in the back ground and also has a river that flows through which is something that commonly features in a folk music video.

Things that could go wrong

1) Cast could be late for photo or video shoot
   To solve this issue i will tell people to meet earlier than the requested time, research route times to      keep on schedule and pre book people in advance so they have plenty of knowledge of what is            going on. 

2) Camera battery could die

   A spare battery will be taken out in case one dies both will be checked to make sure they are fully      charged before leaving to photograph or video.

3) Gets dark quickly

   I need sun dusk and dawn which allows only short periods for filming due to winter months and          the days being shorter, to solve this i will check the times of sunrise and sun set to estimate the            maximum amount of filming that can be done and create photoshoot days based on the times.

4) Public
   some of the places i aim to film are public so random people may enter shots that i don't want them    too, in order to avoid this i will try to avoid main paths where people will be and film during time        periods that have less people, i could also have someone scouting to see if people will be coming        and give warning so time and battery is not wasted on unusable footage.

preparing for photoshoot


I wanted to shoot at foots cray meadows, it has a country and relaxed look and with the old bridge with the arches i believed it to be a good place to do a photoshoot for an indie folk band.


For the photoshoot i used a tripod that turned out to be a little short for some of the desired photographs. A nikon coolpix L310 was used to take the photographs however i was not happy with the quality of the images produced, the images where grainy and lacked in depth of field, to solve this i shall use a DSLR as they have more advanced sensors and produce better quality images.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Song choice

Choice 1

Mumford and sons - Ditmas

Choice 2

Ben Howard - Only love


Choice 3

Mumford and sons - The cave

What is a digipak

The digipak is more elaborate than the standard CD case you would get with an album. In a standard CD case you have the front cover the CD and track list however with a digipak you get what the standard CD gives and more like lyrics, pictures, another disc or collectible item, this is due to a digipack having 6 panels. The digipak is often used for a limited edition or a deluxe edition album although normal albums can be released as a digipak.